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With 15 years experience in screen design, Nicola's focus on visual storytelling lends itself beautifully to hospitality & corporate industries.

Nicola believes whole heartedly in the use of colour, shape and object placement to support the narrative of any business and is available to assist with on-screen design implementation or brand design services to help give the right message to customers and clients.

With a passion for ethical and sustainable design choices, Nicola designs from the heart and enjoys creating a lasting relationship with clients and offering assistance as their business evolves.




A beautiful eatery in the heart of Boronia Park, Sydney, Boronia Kitchen needed design and styling elements to reflect their love of food & family.

A design package was created complete with feature wall installation, soft furnishing choices, crockery & ceramic ware, uniform selection and styling items for food photography use.

All design choices made use of local artisans where possible, to compliment Boronia's passion for local, sustainable produce.

An ongoing relationship with Boronia Kitchen means that design services are utilised for special occasions throughout the year including Christmas and harvest time.



The need for cohesion and simplicity was key for this Bondi Beach café.

Attached to a gym & wellness centre, The Well Café required a restyle of their interiors to create a cohesive story, and specialty interior design items to be introduced to showcase the produce that is served on site, which comes directly from the owner’s local organic farm. 


A household name in the heart of Glebe, The Valhalla Social Club required an enhancement to their look and feel prior to their opening in 2018. Owned by a local family, styling items were required to accentuate the warmth, heart and passion behind the café whilst being mindful of a limited timeframe and resources. A desire to introduce subtle referencing to Art Deco style was key, to honour The Valhalla, which is the beautiful art deco cinema above the cafe.




A multi-layered script focusing on refugee integration into small town Australian life, The Merger called for a design to be subtle, from the heart and with two juxtaposing colour palettes to represent two very different communities.

A focus on the rich tones of Australian rural landscape was to lay foundation for the film.

Written by Damian Callinan, Directed by Mark Grentell, shot by Tony Luu ACS.


                FEATURE FILM

Showcasing Nicola’s expertise in colour theory and composition, The School is an independent Australian thriller focusing on the unstable inner psyche of the central female character.

Drawing from eastern elemental theory and colour psychology,  the visual storytelling style was metaphoric, symbolic and layered. Written & Directed by Storm Ashwood, shot by Aaron McLisky ACS.

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